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Audio Visual Installation from the 90’s to now

We started in the Home Audio Visual way back in the 90’s with rear projection TV’s the size of wardrobes, 12″ laser Discs imported from the USA were just out in these pre-DVD days, speakers were huge and Projectors had 3 tubes and took two people to lift them. This seems hard to believe now there was also no HD and only 3 channels on TV and 16 channels on Sky, things have come a long way.

Not only has all the equipment changed over the years, so have we, moving with the times and perfecting ways of cabling systems into houses with no cables showing, new ways of switching and controlling all your HD and streaming sources all around the home.

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Tablet Home AV controller

Tablet Home AV controller

The home cinema systems and speaker options are huge today with speakers to suit all tastes, our personal favourites are the small discreet in ceiling or in wall speakers giving great sound performance with minimal visual impact. If you want some designer speakers to hang on the wall for stunning looks we also can offer a huge choice like the great looking Flatbox by DLS Sweden¬†, the main difference between todays systems and the ones back in the 90’s is todays are a combination of several systems all merging into one.

We have the speaker systems which can extend all around the house, then we have the TV systems commonly feeding HD content to multiple TV’s aroung the house, next we have the content from cable boxes and satellite receivers, not forgetting the digital freeveiw distribution via TV aerials.

Just when you think thats all you then need to add network distribution ¬†and switches to provide the TV’s, Cable or sky boxes, Blu-ray players, games machines and music systems with Internet feeds for all the streaming services. We offer a full installation services of all these systems as well as full home tablet control, all systems are planned, project managed and installed by our own highly experienced engineers.

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