4K HD HDMI Distribution Systems

Send Pictures far and wide 4K HD HDMI Distribution

While installing many domestic and commercial Audio Visual systems throughout Norwich and Norfolk, the subject of 4K HD HDMI distribution and how best to do it is a constant problem.

Actually the last sentence is slightly wrong, there has been a multitude of ways to distribute HD over Cat5e or Cat6e with converters, HD and HDMI distribution over IP with T base units or HDMI matrix switches and HDMI active splitters.

The problem has always been that high definition distribution has been a very costly business the cheap distribution equipment has been on occasion very problematic with no picture, random handshake problems. This has left only the tried and tested more expensive brands to give you the reliability customers need.

Recently their has been a multitude of new reliable 4k comparable HD distribution equipment at much more affordable prices, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s cheap as chips, but it certainly brings it into the price range to make it a more viable option for a wider range of customers.

There are several ways these 4k HD HDMI distribution systems are cabled, mainly with good quality HDMI cables or over category 5/6 or 7 data cable with active switch, matrix or converter box on sending end and a receiver box on the destination TV end. HD over IP network is also increasingly popular and has IP addressable converter boxes to change information back to HDMI feed cable.

So if you want to watch your HD Sky box, Apple TV and media players on all your TV’s in the glorious High Definition they were designed for, Give us a call because we’ve been here since before HD was even dreamed of and will be hear through the next and then the next generations of Television Picture Evolution.