Meeting Room Projector or Big Display Screen

What presentation display would you choose ?


For many years meeting, training and board room presentation systems were dominated by a ceiling mounted projector beaming onto an electrically lowered projector screen, add a few speakers and input plates with maybe an automated wall controller and you’re meeting room projector system was complete.

Don’t get me wrong there is still life in the meeting room projector system for quite some time to come, especially in the rooms of a larger size or were a larger projector screen is required. But with the market invasion of ever larger display screens at ever decreasing prices, a market contender is becoming increasingly¬†present in our installation choice especially in the smaller and middle sized rooms.

What are the advantages of a large display screen, well with the most common and comparable on price display screens being 60″, 65″ and 70″, the projector gets the advantage on the larger room as usual projector screen size is 2m – 3m’s wide on a 16:10 format, a clear winner on visibility across the room. Bring the room size down a bit and things start to get interesting.

Meeting room projector systems are affected by strong sunlight and suffer shadowing as well as being reliant on a multitude of extra equipment to complete the system, projector screens, speakers, audio amplifier, connection plates and ceiling mounts all of this then requires a higher installation cost, just when you thought that was enough you then have Lamp changes, maintenance and possible filter cleaning to contend with.

My shiny new screen invariably comes with built in speakers, a multitude of AV connections, is not as affected by sunlight or shadowing and comes with an ultra sharp 1080p full HD display which given current market could soon be commonly a 4K display as standard.

As if that didn’t make the projector feel worried all you need to do is hang it on the wall and cable to your connection points. Job done,¬†with larger screens becoming more and more available and even large format interactive touch-screens flooding in it may not be to many years before we say goodnight to the humble meeting room projector.