You, Me and IT makes three

TaylorMade IT Services

We have for quite sometime now been delving into the world of IT, mainly due to the increasing presence of ethernet and wireless connectivity required to drive content from the internet or PC and Tablets to display or audio equipment.

Network systems and Wifi Access points are now as common as the aerial systems of years gone by, now after many customer requests for IT services we have the pleasure of offering a full and comprehensive IT service from our long term accredited partners.

Server Installations & Support

A server is the heart of any complex IT system and can fulfil many different roles including storing and providing data to the workstations, dealing with email, managing the network, limiting user access etc. Often you will find several servers working together to provide these services to the network.

If you’re looking to replace you existing system, or are starting from scratch, we can advise you on the right system, network, hardware, and software to meet your business’s needs.

As an accredited reseller for many major IT manufacturers, including Microsoft, Asus, and HP, we can advise you on the best products to ensure your system remains fully integrated and working at optimum capability.

Network Support Norwich Norfolk

If a server is the heart of your IT system, the network is the central nervous system! A well designed and installed network is essential for the smooth running of your system.
Does your business have multiple sites spread across different areas? We have the skills needed to put together an integrated multi-site network solution that puts you in control.

Our engineers have many years of experience in network design and installation, meaning a quick, quality install is just a phone call away.

Being the nervous system of your network this needs to have the ability to grow and change with your ever evolving company’s needs. Structured cabling is the industry standard on providing communion of any kind to every desk, workbench or display equipment. Being used from everything from computers to phones, printers CCTV and even access points you will be surprised what you can use this for.

Securing the cabling might seem a bit over kill but when something goes wrong with someone just plugging a cable in wrong can take hours of engineer time and down time to correct. This is the simplest thing with just locking access away, and it will make it look neater as well.

Office 365 Set up and Development

Office 365 is a collaboration of many systems to provide an integrated solution including Hosted Exchange, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Lync. The comprehensive platform can cater to many needs including Online Email, Calendar and Contacts with the ability to synchronise across multiple devices and share between users on the platform.

With office 365 you will always have access to the latest versions of your software, removing the worry of expensive future upgrades.

As Anglian Internet are Microsoft Office 365 Administrators, we can offer a start-to-finish service, dealing with all the backend stuff so you can get on with your business.