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What is Irule AV Room Controller Home, it’s a home control system that enables us to control all you home cinema or multi-room audio equipment over your WiFi using you IPad or Android tablet or IPhone or android smartphone, the control runs off an app which can be downloaded direct to you device.
At the equipment end we have a choice of control units that give you Infra red, Serial or open/closed circuit control of you AV equipment.
The Remote is built for each individual customer, button by button and device by device.

Irule tablet controller

Previous Irule Projects

The most common Irule remote creation for us is for Home cinema control, this usually comprises of control for an AV reciever amplifier and some form of Sky or Cable box combined with a Blu-ray player and Playstation or Xbox. These are quite frequently installed inside a cupboard out of site and sometimes even in another room, for us the nicest installations are when all you see is the TV mounted on the wall and cinema sound via in ceiling speakers with no cables showing.

home cinema installation norwichIrule home cinema remoteSome of our more challenging controller installations include a customer who had an existing system with 7 zones of music around the house, 2 cinema rooms, one in the main lounge and the other in a basement room. With the aid of 6 IR over IP modules and 1 Serial over IP modules for AV equipment cabinet control, 2 Wireless access points for the upstairs and basement  WIFI that the tablet controllers need to connect to modules, the whole house could be controlled on 2 nexus 7 tablets we programmed for him.

The controller options are not just limited to the home installation market, we recently built tablet controllers for Brandbank, Norwich to go with the boardroom AV installations we did for them. Nice and simple it allowed system all on and off  and a nice input control with volume control to ceiling speakers.

Boardroom tablet controller