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With over 25 years in the home audio visual industry we’ve seen a lot of changes, in the early days we had home cinema with big speakers even bigger TV’s and were not talking about the screen size, VHS tapes and new in was the 12″ Laser disc’s with Top Gun as our demo disc.

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Norfolk home cinema
Bose sound and flatscreen
projector screen
norwich home cinema
Ceiling speakers with sonos
Sonos install Norwich Norfolk
Kitchen TV with Bose speaker
Tablet home AV control
Mirror TV Install
home cinema install
office projector
barn 1
Bedroom TV and audio
Home Cinema Install
Hidden cabling cinema
Bespoke TV and Audio Install
Norwich Home cinema Installation
Monitor Sub and AV receiver
Bedroom 50
Bedroom TV and Audio Zone
Multi-room audio zone
Home AV hub under stairs
Lounge 4K TV and cinema speakers
Rule iPad home cinema control
Rule room control
Anthony Gallo Ceiling speaker

The change over the years has been enormous with a huge array of high tech audio visual equipment on offer not to mention the massive choice of designer speakers from virtually invisible in ceiling and wall to all manor of different shaped wall mounted speakers. Control of your home cinema and audio systems has changed dramatically as well, with the explosion of tablet controllers in your homes so too has the apps and interface equipment to build bespoke remote controllers for your iPads and Android tablets, this gives you vibrant, bright and easy to use control of all your audio visual equipment.

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Home Cinema
Multi-room Audio
Media centres
Projector rooms
HiFi setup
Garden Audio
Concealed display screens
Tablet Remote control systems
Registered Irule dealer

Of coarse it’s not just the equipment that matters, it’s how you install it, over the years we have devised a whole host of cabling techniques to install all manor of systems in finished homes with no wires showing and a tiny amount of disruption.

With a few small holes and rods we can cable a house in a key hole surgery fashion, filling the hole afterwards leaving virtually no trace of the hard work we put in to every installation, rest assured we cover clean and hoover up as we go leaving you with the only visible sign of our presence being the system you dreamed of.