Thanks To RAF Honington

A Cinema for the Base

After the success of our cinema and meeting rooms at RAF Marham, we were asked by RAF Honington to look at an old tired hall on base. They wanted to refurbish the room and put a cinema in for the recruits and clubs with the ability to hold presentations and even open mic nights.

We presented three options with several budgets, the base had a complicated funding process and they were unsure of how much money they would receive for the cinema and the room refurbishment.

After six months of correspondence we finally got the go ahead on a very powerful version of the cinema we quoted for, picture and sound quality were paramount for the installation and we decided to use a fantastic new Laser projector from Optoma the ZU650 with standard lens to a 4m screen.

Optoma ZU650 cinema projector

With 6000 lumens and a razor sharp image we were extremely happy with the picture results.

For the sound we used an ONKYO-TXRZ800 AV receiver which has excellent cinema sound reproduction, due to the size and dual functionality of the room we used the AV receivers pre amp outs, via a mixer unit and power amps this gave the room both an earth shattering cinema and venue audio with radio microphones for presentation.


cinema receiver






Speakers supplied were EV EKX-12 with, 2 amazing EV ELX 118P active subwoofers for that cinema punch, with a great choice of equipment and stunning results this has become one of my most enjoyable installations.

Thanks to RAF Honington

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Thanks again for your hard work and patience in this project. It took 6 months from when I 1st contacted you and was far more complicated than anyone thought. The feedback I have had from your demonstration and the football the other night has been phenomenal, all positive.
The Station Commander is holding his weekly meeting in there on Monday and they are demonstrating the AV with a suitably loud film to promote the use and demonstrate the quality.”

Nicholas S Turk
Community Development Officer
RAF Honington