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We stand by our name and offer the same, a TaylorMade service just for you 

We have many companies under our belt with long standing relationships and freindly first name contacts. The ethos is simple, we offer you professional technical support sales and installation and you get the job done, on time, every time with no fuss, fast audio visual service at competitive prices.

It may sound as if we are blowing our own trumpet but after 30 years, no complaints and some of Norfolks largest companies under our belt, we’ve earned the right to a little trumpet blowing. Unlike some of the bigger firms we remain flexible, not always needing to tie companies down to maintenance contracts but rather letting the service speak for it’s self.

For all your Installation needs we have years of system design and project management behind us, with a wealth of professional and reliable Audio visual equipment at great competitive prices to keep your business needs fulfilled.

lastly all our engineers are highly trained and experienced crews, with no sub contractors to keep control and reliability to the highest levels.

Try us once and you’ll never want to go anywhere else again.

Unique Jobs for Unique Customers


 Unique Bespoke Audio Visual Installations Norfolk & East Anglia 

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meeting room control
Aerial system for comet
AV rack for office
AV office Hub
office projector
Office 4 zone audio
Office Audio Norfolk
Office bespoke systems
Court room projection
Meeting room AV Norwich
Meeting room Projection
Meeting room systems
Large Meeting rooms
Display Projectors
presentation room AV
Meeting room with Mic's
Interactive systems norwich
Special Needs School AV
Automated wall controllers
Boardrooms Norwich norfolk
Recessed projector screen
Boardroom Projector Install
Boardroom track system
Bespoke Meeting rooms
Screen De-rig Norfolk
Outdoor Displays Norfolk
Massive display Norwich
Large Screen Norfolk
100v Commercial Audio
commercial audio rack
commercial audio rack fr
Department store Audio System
Sensory room Norfolk
Sensory Room Marham
Sensory room
RAF Cinema System
4 Zone Restaurant Audio
Holt RFC AV system
Holt RFC Wall controls
Holt RFC AV cabinet
Clubhouse AV system Holt
Holt Rugby Club

Unique Jobs with Unique customers pretty much sums it up, in all the years and 1000’s of audio visual installations no two jobs are the same. It’s what keeps us interested and motivated in what we do, customers come to us with an idea of what the want for a meeting room or boardroom usually, we will then advise option like a small room controller with all on, source and volume upend down this means the remotes can be removed from the room and any one can use the system without training.

For the police HQ gym system we automated the whole system with intelligent sourcing, just plug into any wall plate or turn on the DVD and the system automatically displays picture and sound with multiple microphones for full presentation use.

One if the most unusual jobs we were asked to do was to de-install a huge TV screen at on of our local shopping centres, and when we say large we mean it, at 6m across and 4m down with a weight of around 2 tonnes it presented a rather large challenge. With road closure and working through the night to remove bolts and welds, the screen that was mounted on 3 massive 7m RSJ beams was finally lifted onto a low load lorry and driven off into the distance.

Business Audio Systems

Domestic and Business Audio systems

come in all shapes and sizes, the most important thing is to match the right equipment to the venue. Hear at TaylorMade TV we have over 25 years experience in Audio Visual systems and installations, over this time we have amassed a large knowledge of domestic and commercial audio systems all of which are very different in equipment and installation required.

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Meeting room with Mic's
100v Commercial Audio
commercial audio rack fr
Department store Audio System
Pub Audio
pub and restaurant audio system
4 Zone Restaurant Audio
Pub and restaurant audio systems
Holt Rugby Club

The domestic home audio installations mainly comprise of the Home Cinema 5.1 or 7.1 systems being the most popular, for us the fun in this is usually the challenge in having no wires showing installation with discrete in ceiling or in wall speakers giving great sound with minimal visibility.

Multi-room audio is also a highly popular installation, usually with discrete ceiling speakers in various room and a 4 zone or 8 zone multi room controller, these can give you a different choice of music sources in different zones at the same time. For example quite often we will have a TV in the kitchen or bedroom and we will use the sound from the TV or sky box that feeds it as an input, this way you can hear thew TV through the speakers, Sonos is another popular input as you can nicely control the music via an app on your iPad or Android Tablet.

The commercial audio systems are a lot more challenging and becomes a lot more about control and sound matching to the type of venue the system is going in, restaurants and eatery pubs are usually separated into zones of background music with inputs and volume controllers in each relevant zones, with club pubs larger speakers and subwoofers all worked out into zones and balanced with larger power amplifiers are required.

This is only a brief overview as there are lots of systems for lots of other commercial installations like Public Address, conference and meeting rooms with microphones and hearing aid loops to consider, needless to say the systems are worked out after consultation and site survey of the venue and it’s needs.

Schools and Educational Supply and Installation

A Company with the Personal Touch

With years of contract educational experience up and down the country behind us, we now concentrate on our own direct sales and service throughout the Norwich, Norfolk area ensuring a fast friendly service with professional contact giving you the personal touch.

We believe that you the customer wants a contact on first name terms, who can come along and look at an installation or room move this in turn allows us to accurately price all our jobs for you, something a national company half way around the country can’t do.

The same applies to service calls and equipment changes, why pay the premium for an engineer to come from hundreds of miles away when we can simply pop round for the price of a local service call.

There are no restrictions here we are also happy to install products you have brought direct for either new rooms or to replace old faulty equipment, with a free visit and quotation every job runs on time with no problems thats why the our customers use us year on year.

Not just the classroom we have over 25 years in the audio visual installation industry covering all manor or installations, if you require custom systems with automated controls or a hall system with multi functional uses, we can offer you bespoke design and free project management throughout the installation with end of installation training and system commission.

TaylorMade TV & Audio Ltd, Norfolk’s premiere Audio Visual installation company with the highest standards of work and the fast local service you want.



Home Audio Visual Installation

Audio Visual Installation from the 90’s to now

We started in the Home Audio Visual way back in the 90’s with rear projection TV’s the size of wardrobes, 12″ laser Discs imported from the USA were just out in these pre-DVD days, speakers were huge and Projectors had 3 tubes and took two people to lift them. This seems hard to believe now there was also no HD and only 3 channels on TV and 16 channels on Sky, things have come a long way.

Not only has all the equipment changed over the years, so have we, moving with the times and perfecting ways of cabling systems into houses with no cables showing, new ways of switching and controlling all your HD and streaming sources all around the home.

home cinema installation norwich




Tablet Home AV controller

Tablet Home AV controller

The home cinema systems and speaker options are huge today with speakers to suit all tastes, our personal favourites are the small discreet in ceiling or in wall speakers giving great sound performance with minimal visual impact. If you want some designer speakers to hang on the wall for stunning looks we also can offer a huge choice like the great looking Flatbox by DLS Sweden , the main difference between todays systems and the ones back in the 90’s is todays are a combination of several systems all merging into one.

We have the speaker systems which can extend all around the house, then we have the TV systems commonly feeding HD content to multiple TV’s aroung the house, next we have the content from cable boxes and satellite receivers, not forgetting the digital freeveiw distribution via TV aerials.

Just when you think thats all you then need to add network distribution  and switches to provide the TV’s, Cable or sky boxes, Blu-ray players, games machines and music systems with Internet feeds for all the streaming services. We offer a full installation services of all these systems as well as full home tablet control, all systems are planned, project managed and installed by our own highly experienced engineers.

home cinema installation

Home Cinema Room Norwich


Commercial Audio Visual Projects Big or Small

Planning and Installation Management

With 30 years experience within the commercial Audio Visual installation industry, we are well placed to tackle all your installation needs.

With a commercial audio visual background in Installation and project management.We already had a huge amount of experience before setting up TaylorMade Tv & Audio Ltd, contracts including  national lottery installations for the London area.

Early credit card fraud systems for Card Clear throughout East Anglia and Data communications installations for Paknet.Some of our larger contracts included National Audio Visual installation and Project management for Greene Kings Hungry Horse and Old English Inns.

National Audio visual refurbishment under Absolute Audio for Hogs head, Yates, No10 bowling, slug & Lettuce, then Hotel AV systems for Novotel, Ibis, Old english Inns, best western the list goes onIn 2008 I set up TaylorMade TV & Audio and although we still do national work as a company we concentrate on the East Anglia region with unbeatable service and a very personal relationship.

Once you’ve used us you won’t want to go anywhere else.

We now have a long standing service and installation relationship with some of East Anglia’s most respected businesses and schools, these include audio installation and maintenance for Jarrolds Department Stores.

Boardrooms, training and meeting rooms with a whole host of Audio Visual display and presentation equipment for Norfolk’s Police Headquarters.As well as the more common types of systems we have undertaken several very unusual installations, a Charlie Chaplin old style cinema room at yesterday world, Great Yarmouth.

More recent the de-commission of a 6m outside screen high up on a local shopping centre and a purpose built cinema room for RAF Marham, Norfolk.

Projects big or small were happy to help, you can contact us for service or advice, we offer a free site survey and project management throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and East Anglia, fast reliable Business Audio Visual Solutions with total peace of mind.



Genee Touch Interactive Screen And TaylorMade TV

Genee Touch Interactive Screen Dealers for Norfolk

Genee Touch

Genee Touch Interactive Touch Screens are changing board rooms, classrooms and learning environments. With a full HD G Touch, you get crystal clear viewing in any lighting conditions and unlike projector based systems, there are no shadows cast by the presenter. G Touch screens use up to 75% less power than a standard projector and installation is simple and fast, when compared to a whiteboard and projector setup.

Our Visualiser, Document Camera, Digital Visualizer, Visual Presenter Range

The Genee Vision Market Leading Visualiser range is fast becoming the must have products within the corporate and education sectors with more schools, colleges, universities, training organisations and corporate learning centres specifying and purchasing them.

The Genee Vision Visualiser range has products which provide you with a solution for all your end user requirements. Our Visualiser models are easy to use and have the best specifications of any Visualisers on the market as well as being amongst the most competitively priced.

Genee Vision visualisers have a tough design, offer a five year guarantee, and are backed by our customer and technical support service, so giving you the assurance that stocking and selling Genee Vision Visualisers is the best option for your organisation.

Our Audience Response System Range

Audience Response Systems make it effortless and cost-effective to provide measurable learning in both the corporate and education environment. Trainers, presenters and educators can rapidly and efficiently collect real-time data from participants and display results, allowing them to immediately assess participant preservation of the information presented. The interactivity achieved through these methods enhances learning and the retention of knowledge.

Our Interactive Whiteboards Range

The Interactive Whiteboard works as a virtual aid for trainers, presenters and educators to directly present information displayed on the screen to their audience. It gives you the option to readily navigate through windows, access information, retain participant attention and encourage interactivity.

PLEASE NOTE: Our whiteboards are no longer supplied with RM Easiteach and instead come supplied with Genee Toolbar, allowing effortless access to various captivating presentation tools

Contact us for more Product information or to have a Genee Touch demonstration at you premises.

Our Home Cinema Installation Gallery

Home Cinema Installation Norwich, Norfolk

Welcome to TaylorMade TV’s gallery of just some of our domestic Audio Visual installations throughout Norwich and Norfolk. Bespoke Installations all designed around individual customers wants and needs.

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Norfolk home cinema
Bose sound and flatscreen
projector screen
norwich home cinema
Ceiling speakers with sonos
Sonos install Norwich Norfolk
Kitchen TV with Bose speaker
Tablet home AV control
Mirror TV Install
home cinema install
office projector
barn 1
Bedroom TV and audio
Home Cinema Install
Hidden cabling cinema
Bespoke TV and Audio Install
Norwich Home cinema Installation
Monitor Sub and AV receiver
Bedroom 50
Bedroom TV and Audio Zone
Multi-room audio zone
Home AV hub under stairs
Lounge 4K TV and cinema speakers
Rule iPad home cinema control
Rule room control
Anthony Gallo Ceiling speaker


All of these Home Cinema Installations and many more were undertaken after a site survey and consultation, every installation especially for our home cinema and multi room audio sector is a very personal relationship with the customer, after all this is somebody’s home, castle, pride and joy, whatever you like to call it great care needs to be taken.

Over the years we have developed a whole array of tricks and technics to install your home cinema, flat screens or audio systems with the minimum of mess and with no cables showing.

The end result as you can see by the gallery pictures is amazing cable free installations that are a joy to watch, hear and use.

More than just a home cinema installation or TV’s and music around the house, we have access to a huge array of Audio Visual products to suit all pockets and style choices.


Irule AV Room Controller

Irule the home dealer





TaylorMade Tv & Audio Ltd

What is Irule AV Room Controller Home, it’s a home control system that enables us to control all you home cinema or multi-room audio equipment over your WiFi using you IPad or Android tablet or IPhone or android smartphone, the control runs off an app which can be downloaded direct to you device.
At the equipment end we have a choice of control units that give you Infra red, Serial or open/closed circuit control of you AV equipment.
The Remote is built for each individual customer, button by button and device by device.

Irule tablet controller

Previous Irule Projects

The most common Irule remote creation for us is for Home cinema control, this usually comprises of control for an AV reciever amplifier and some form of Sky or Cable box combined with a Blu-ray player and Playstation or Xbox. These are quite frequently installed inside a cupboard out of site and sometimes even in another room, for us the nicest installations are when all you see is the TV mounted on the wall and cinema sound via in ceiling speakers with no cables showing.

home cinema installation norwichIrule home cinema remoteSome of our more challenging controller installations include a customer who had an existing system with 7 zones of music around the house, 2 cinema rooms, one in the main lounge and the other in a basement room. With the aid of 6 IR over IP modules and 1 Serial over IP modules for AV equipment cabinet control, 2 Wireless access points for the upstairs and basement  WIFI that the tablet controllers need to connect to modules, the whole house could be controlled on 2 nexus 7 tablets we programmed for him.

The controller options are not just limited to the home installation market, we recently built tablet controllers for Brandbank, Norwich to go with the boardroom AV installations we did for them. Nice and simple it allowed system all on and off  and a nice input control with volume control to ceiling speakers.

Boardroom tablet controller